The Nurbs is an occasional web comic starring three rather geometrical characters, Ted, Bob and Susie. They live in a world similar to ours and occasionally there is a bit of cross over.


Ted is a bit of a square. Literally. He likes to do things by the book and is the sensible on out of the lot. That's not saying much though.


I am not saying that ALL people with "soul patches" are stupid. I am just pointing out that he has one and he is.


You don't mess with Susie but she may mess with you.


I have always been a fan of comics and he little funnies you get in newspapers. Around the mid 80's I discovered "Bloom County" by Brekley Breathed. It was funny, it was irreverent, it was political, it was Rock and Roll. Fast forward twenty years and I pick of a 3D modelling magazine with some free modelling software on the front. One thing leads to another and the Nurbs runs for about a year. No one notices. Ten years later I do a part time college course in 3D modelling. This gives me access to better/newer software and Photoshop. The Nurbs springs back into life looking better than ever. After six months it dies again. Skip anotheer couple of years and I do a graphic design course. This gives me access to Adobe Illustrator and more ideas.

Going forward, the strip will probably take many more forms. Maybe 3D, maybe 2D, maybe mixed media. Who knows?